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You need to show us design files of your future website or website of your client.
The easiest way to do it is to fill in the form, but you can also contact us
using skype — livehtml or send us
an email hello@livehtml.io
Send designs
At this point the format of design files you sent is not very important. The main thing is to get the general concept of design.

If you have any special requirements or suggestions concerning markup, we recommend you to leave them
in the comment area.
After submitting your request,
you will be redirected to Client Area,
where you will find all the information concerning your order: correspondence
with developers, workflow activities,
task status, 'follow the code in real time' link, reports etc.

Find out markup cost

In less than 30 minutes after submitting your request, you will get a response. Most likely it will be cost and delivery estimates of your order.
It may also include various questions about your designs or the methods of markup development you prefer.
Next time you order, we can get down to work immediately without performing cost estimation, if that is what you want.

Getting down to work

After you confirmed your order and made a full or partial payment, we get down to work. Our developer downloads your design files (they should be already in PSD/SKETCH/XD/FIGMA/INDD/AI format by this moment) and starts creating the markup.
Our system in a user-friendly way lets you follow the process of html, css, js coding and, of course, monitor the web page while it is being coded in real time. You will witness the full process of your design being converted into HTML one block after another.
Besides that you will have access to all the information about the workflow: whether developer is working at the moment or not, which files were last modified and when, how much time has been already spent for the task etc.

Internal testing

Once the markup of one or several pages is ready, our QA engineer performs complete testing, which includes:
  • code validation;
  • cross-browser compatibility;
  • pixel perfect layout;
  • javascript related behavior etc.
Any detected flaws get immediately fixed.
You do not pay for the time spent by our team at this stage.

Enjoy the result

From the beginning of task execution and until it is completed you will have access to direct links to the pages which are ready or in progress at the moment.
Once QA engineer is done with testing, you will find a download markup link in Client Area
as well as get an email notification about it.
In case you find any defects — be sure we will fix every one of them for free within current task. Furthermore, we guarantee you a 6-months free support, which includes bug fixing if you find any.
Any questions left?
Always online Telegram/WhatsApp/Viber +7 931 281-08-90
Our Skype — livehtml
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You can also upload a file with detailed description of designs
and your requirements concerning the markup.
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Privacy Policy
1 After submitting your request, you will be redirected to the Client Area, where you can find all the information about your order.
2 Within 20 minutes Average response time during the workday:
10am - 19pm (GMT+3/Minsk/Belarus) It may take longer in case of
high complexity and quantity of files
our team will thoroughly analyze your files and send you notification about cost and delivery estimates, as well as your further steps.
3 It is handy to correspond in the Client Area so that your messages will be visible both to manager and developer.
4 We accept all major payment types: Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, Direct Deposit/ACH, Wire Transfer Requires a signed contract between you
and individual entrepreneur from Belarus
and other e-money systems.

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